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Envelope Printing Services

The Top 5 Envelope Styles Are:

  1. Invitation Envelopes
  2. Regular Envelopes
  3. Remittance Envelopes
  4. Open End Envelopes
  5. Square Envelopes

The Most Popular Envelope Sizes Are:

  1. A7 Envelopes
  2. #10 Square Flap Envelopes
  3. #17 Mini Envelopes
  4. #10 Window Envelopes
  5. 9 x 12 OE Window Envelopes

In the North American market, especially in Canada, the most popular and widely known business envelope known as the standard #10 Envelope.

These #10 envelopes come with many options such as Commercial Flap, Square Flap, Wallet Flap, Side Seam, Policy, etc. Each one of these envelopes can be custom designed with your own logo and contact information for branding your business.

The window envelope allows the name and address on encloser side to show. These type of envelopes are used for sending invoices, statements, paychecks, receipts, and other such official memorandum.

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