Why Do You Need Business Cards?

A business card is one of those small things that can contribute so very much to the success of your Calgary business. At first glance, the world has gone completely “digital” with smartphones everywhere and messages flying back and forth via the internet. But nothing replaces business cards Calgary businesses

What Printing Services Does Your Business Need?

You are opening a new business and will need printed materials. A common mistake made by new businesses is to get sold on the idea that you can print everything that you need using your office printer. The printer linked to your PC is good for a few copies, hard

Print Shop Calgary

For a fast and economical print shop, Calgary businesses come to Calgary Economy Printers. Located in Northeast Calgary on Edmonton Trail N.E., we do not just provide printing services Calgary NE residents and businesses need but serve the entire Calgary community as well. When you need printing services, you typically

Cheap Business Cards

Although your business card is an important part of your business, it is also an expense. So, you may want to look around for cheap business cards to hand out to prospective clients in Calgary, at the end of business meetings, or at trade shows anywhere in Canada. However, quality

Top Print Trends for the Second Half of 2019

We may already be halfway through 2019 but that doesn’t mean you can’t still catch up with the latest and most in-demand trends in printed marketing materials. Better take note of what’s hot and what attracts customers the most, especially since the holiday season is almost upon us as well.

Top 5 Print Marketing Materials To Promote Your Business in 2019

Let’s make one thing clear–print is not dead. Even in today’s digital age, where anything and everything can be accessed via our mobile phones, there’s still a lot of merit and value that goes into printed materials as means of promoting your business and engaging with customers. Calgary Economy Printers,

How to Tap Into a Millennial Audience With Print Marketing

When we think of the millennial demographic, digital marketing always come into play. We think of millennials as being glued to their smart phones 24/7, therefore only responding to ads and promotions that are displayed online. You’d be surprised to know that in research done and compiled by USPS, it

How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Once you’ve decided on getting business cards, your next critical move is to plan and prepare the design and content that goes into it. Do remember that having a business card is only half the battle and its design rounds up the impact and impression it creates. Here are a

Do You Make These 8 Mistakes With Your Business Cards?

Business cards hold a lot of power when it comes to marketing your company’s services. Let Calgary Economy Printers help you avoid these common business card mistakes and turn them into true lead magnets. This 2 x 3.5 inch rectangle lingers after meetings with potential clients, as a reminder that

Business Card Printing Done Right

One of the most important and most under-appreciated aspects of any business is the business card. Business cards are the ambassadors of an individual or a company and they contain a lot more information than just the words printed on them. Hence, business card printing done right is key to success!

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